The Choice of Truth.

by aslightbreeze

It is an irony that part of our perfect design is to come to the place where we can say, “I  can’t do this on your own. I need your help”.  We should not view our admission of weakness as undesirable, but rather as a thing that draws us in to agreement with Who He Says We Are.

This is what differentiates us from the rest of creation.  Animals, plants, stars, oceans, all of it gives glory to God simply by being.  The moon doesn’t have to make the choice to worship Him without words.  It simply is, and that is worship enough.  The moon, she is what she was created to be; nothing more, nothing less.  She is exactly as He intended.

You and I get to choose.  We can’t “simply be” because He has granted us the gift of freedom.  Worship as an option brings greater glory to His name than worship as design.  This is why it is said the angels envy us for our free will.

So our weakness prompts us to tell the truth.  We must confront who we are currently, and learn to see what we were created to be.  In this way, the things He proclaims over us aren’t so alien, for something buried deep in our DNA tells us it’s true.  As we recognize our weakness in light of His truth, we move to uncover our true nature; or rather, He moves within us to reveal what was always there.  When we live in this new-but-also-old reality, we join our voices with the rest of creation in proclaiming His name simply by being what we were created to be by choice.

Peace comes.

Reconciliation happens.

Heaven and earth are brought back into accord with one another.

As it was in the beginning, is now, and shall be forever.  Amen.