page turning.

by aslightbreeze

hello all.
some of you may be aware of this already, but i have decided to leave my job as a high school art teacher to become the director of the anchor school of ministry this fall. for the past month and a half or so i have been contemplating, discussing, and praying over this big step, and i feel like this is divine providence in action; a way for me to engage in “direct” ministry.

so let’s backtrack a bit. i have been teaching in metro schools for three years now, and it was the very reason i ended up in nashville. i had felt called to teaching since i was 15, and when the opportunity to move to this city and live out my calling arose, i leapt at the chance. yet the longer i have been here and the more i have become involved in my church, my job has begun to feel more like a way of provision for the REAL work.

a few weeks ago, josh and i sat down to talk about my job. i confessed to him how shackled i felt by my job, how tired i found myself constantly (if you’re a teacher, you understand this). i told him that i was seeing little payoff in my job as the whole system seems to be engineered against TRULY educating youth. meanwhile, i was finding such fulfillment in teaching the word, playing worship, taking part in the more a more direct form of ministry. that’s when josh told me that GOD had been laying it on his heart to start up the anchor school of ministry, and he wanted me to take the position.

so i have been praying quite a bit about it and seeking counsel from some wise folks, and i came to the conclusion that this is the best thing i could do for GOD right now. it seems completely foolish to give up a cushy job with benefits to work at an unacredited DIY school of ministry, but that is part and parcel of what i find so exciting about it. i believe GOD is bringing me into a season of living by reckless faith, which is something i have desired for a long time.

if you’re the praying type, please pray that He would give me confidence in my decision, that i would have clarify of vision, and that we’d actually get some students this year! for the most part, i’m not scared to do this when i consider the choice i have in Christ. i will be working hard for the next two months to make this happen, so your continued support and prayers are invaluable.

also, if you know anyone who would be interested in giving up everything for ten months and moving to nashville to take part in this, have them get in touch with me. my email is