in the pendulum’s embrace.

by aslightbreeze

i have been a little concerned recently with this realization, that there is something about our generation that deems it necessary to “reinvent the wheel” when it comes to mankind’s relationship to/with G-D.  often i hear language that verges on relativistic and universalist coming from the mouths/blogs/whatever of my friends, seeking an alternative to the stale history of our faith.  i almost don’t blame them.  the past 150 years of christianity have been plagued by legalism and an abject loss of true RELATIONSHIP with the Father.  i have heard it said that we are in a time of “the church of laodaecia”; neither hot nor cold.

yet i think in our search for truth and meaning in a sea of corruption, we have so far flung ourselves to the other side that we cease to acknowledge our spiritual ancestry, and from it, glean the reality of G-D.  i think this is found in no better place than our varied definitions of the word “love”, and all it encompasses.  it also permeates our understanding of faith/heart vs. law/works, and we begin to embrace the concept of grace so readily as to neglect our responsibility to live lives that please the Lord.

we cannot neglect those saints that have come before us.  despite all the [many] dark moments in christian history, we strive to maintain our covenant with G-D, and we must look to those who have come before for their guidance.  faith matters, when coupled with the things that we do.  “love” is a concrete term.  let’s begin to rework this search to be a search for TRUTH, devoid of reactionary spirit.  amen.