existential hypothetical.

by aslightbreeze

three men come to a ravine. they need to cross to the other side. let’s say that two of the men decide to try to jump across. the first man jumps and misses it by three feet. the second man tries to jump, and misses the other side by three inches.

question one: who is the better man?

the third man looks around, and glimpses a small rope bridge a few hundred feet from where they were standing. he walks over to the bridge, crosses it, and comes to the other side of the ravine. he lives happily ever after.

question two: who is the better man of the three?

this man did not build the bridge. it has always been there, he just happened to be the one to see it. now, let’s consider that the third man is a serial killer.

question three: who is the better man now?

question four: can the third man consider himself a better person than the other two because he found the bridge?

please consider.