by aslightbreeze

long time since i wrote anything in this space, so there is much to update in the way of music.


the new album is entitled “sundaland”, and i have the music just about finished.  there is a small tour in the works for mid-march, you can find all the info about that here.  in a nutshell, the album is a story of a robot who [for reasons i don’t really care about] is thrust back in time about 13,000 years ago to the tiny island of flores, in the south pacific.  now, at this point in time there apparently existed a tiny race of people scientists are calling homo floresiensis, or “hobbits” for fun.  the story is about the interactions between these two entities, but i’m hoping it will explore a larger concept about what it is that makes us human, as seen through the eyes of two creatures at opposite ends of the argument.  i know i said i’d never do a concept record, but there you go.

i think what interests me about this fictional tale is the juxtaposition of the cold, singular future and the ancient, pre-societal interdependence that we have nearly lost.  even our ancestors and evolutionary cousins understood the necessity of  togetherness better than we do now.  i guess the question is, as we “advance” the race through technology, are we losing that very thing that makes us human?  are we losing the essence of what G-D called us to be?

plus, i really love robots.

anyway, this project has led to many great conversations with friends, a lot of fantastic reading and study [asimov, wikipedia, u.s. robotics, etc], and quite a bit of contemplation.  i believe that musically this is the best thing i have done yet.  i know, everybody says that about each new album, but even removed from the conceptual weight of the story, i think i am becoming a better musician in every aspect.  everything is demoed and set, next will be recording other instruments and people, which i haven’t done since “megafauna”, almost two years ago. there will be drums, guitar, choir, real piano, and whatever else might be lying around.  my friend luke is illustrating the album, which is a big deal considering i’ve done all my design in every band i’ve been in until now.  but he is absolutely incredible.  here’s the poster for the tour:

finalvery excited.  anyway, much more to do.  G-D is good, the only pure goodness we have.  my love to you all.