a psalm.

by aslightbreeze

how wonderful, oh LORD, that i can find you in everything!

even when i sit in silence, reminders that you are here and alive are all around me;

they surround me and pass through me.

YOU are so very present that i cannot know what silence is.

the hum of the electric air!

the beating of my heart and the buzz of my nervous system!

we can’t engineer a space to to experience true silence without hearing YOU coursing through our veins or presenting YOURSELF in every spark of a nerve in our fingertips!


how lucky we are, dear FATHER, to be able to find YOU in everything.

to hear YOU in everything!

how gracious YOU are to show us we cannot live in silence, we shall never know pure darkness.

we can turn off the lights, close our eyes, but YOU show us all the same

that YOUR light shines through all deprivations of our senses.


precious G-D, let me always be aware

of you in what i perceive as pure silence,

what i think is total darkness.


YOU envelop me, surge through me, fill me up, make me YOUR own, your creation.

how wonderful, oh LORD, that i can find you in all things!